Tuesday Auctions

Frequently Asked Questions

NEW Auction Software: Do I have to Re-Register?

No, you do not have to re-register. You will only need to reset your password.

How To Guide: If you are a current customer please “Reset Your Password” using your email address.

**Note: Use the email address that you used on your bid number (from old auction platform), then you will get an email to change your password. Follow the email directions and complete updating your account and add your credit card info.

How To: Register for Online Bidding

Step 1. Click the Register to Bid link on our website
Step 2. Fill out the Registration Form
Step 3. Start Bidding!

Registration – Common Mistakes

1. Not Receiving the Registration Confrontation Email:
Look for verification email in spam/junk mail if you do not see it.

2. Credit Card Errors:
The zipcode must match the Credit Card you are using. If the information does not match they will get a security error and not be able to complete registration.

3. Finding the registration link on Mobile Devices:
Look for the navigation menu button, click on it to find the register to bid link

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