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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1. Click the Register to Bid link on our website

Step 2. Fill out the Registration Form


Step 3. Start Bidding!

1. Not Receiving the Registration Confrontation Email:
Look for verification email in spam/junk mail if you do not see it.

2. Credit Card Errors:
When registering, all information-as in Name, Address, and Zip Code-must match what the credit card company has on file in order to complete registration and be able to bid on our auction.

3. Finding the registration link on Mobile Devices:
Look for the navigation menu button, click on it to find the register to bid link

As soon as the bid in question is placed, email info@boswelltradecenter.com and let us know! 

This needs to be done only in an accidental bid situation and is not done due to buyer’s remorse or change of mind. 

If you have bid multiple times on an item, we will not back the bid down.  If appropriate,  bids will be corrected on Monday morning.  

Cell Phones

Login to your account using the 3 line menu icon at the top right corner. 

Using that same navigation menu, Select My Account, and then choose the Shopping Bag icon




 Login and on top right corner click on My Account and then click on the My Bids tab. 

Star IconYou can easily select the Star icon on the top right-hand side of any item and this will store it in your Favorites.

To find these items go into My account and Select the My Favorites/Heart icon.

Items can be stored before the auction begins.

A max bid is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an item. 

By setting a max bid, it allows our system to bid for you in the next increment, and will continue to do so until your max bid is reached.

This is good when you don’t want to miss out on an item but cannot be on your device. 

This is very handy due to a lot of activity happening on Monday morning right before the sale is ending and you are not able to sit and watch it and don’t want to miss out on an item.  

In order to have someone other than the account holder pick up your items, we must have a copy of the credit card holder’s ID on file and a completed Authorization Release form. 

This is found in your current invoice that you receive in your email when the auction ends and payments are processed.  The pick up person must show ID and sign for your items. 

If you are a first-time buyer and wanting someone else to pick up your items – please call our office @ 765-869-5516 to make sure all is set up and completed. 

We ask if you are not able to pick up items during the set times to please refrain from bidding. 

Items that are left after Wednesday at 4pm, will be charged a $25.00 charge per pallet or item per day. 

If you leave an item here past set pick-up days, this is done so at your own risk.  We do not have room to hold your items as new trucks and items are coming in daily.

If weather and road conditions are questionable, please check our Facebook page for important updates or call our office to verify someone is here to help you. 

We do not have building space to be able to allow people to load indoors, so please plan accordingly and bring help.

No we do not deliver or ship item.  If you win an auction you must pick up your items during our pick-up days and times. 

PICKUP #1: Monday – 1pm-4pm (ETS)

PICKUP #2: Tuesday – 8am-4pm (ETS)

PICKUP #3: Wednesday – 8am-4pm (ETS)

All items must be picked up by the 4:00 pm on the Wednesday after the auction.   

First, you will need to send via E-mail to Kalena@boswelltradecenter.com some pictures and descriptions of the condition of the items you are wanting to sell so that we can make a decision as to whether or not we believe we can sell the item on our platform.

After given approval to bring your items – you will need to set up a drop-off time and complete an Auction Sales Contract as well as provide a copy of your ID.

All items to sell must be pre-approved before being brought here. We do reserve the right to refuse items at our discretion! For commission rates, please call the office at 765-869-5516.