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Sell My Items

Are you a Large & Small Volume Seller?

Let our 50 years of Closeout Liquidation Auction Experience turn your Product into Cash!

We are experienced in many aspects of the liquidation process to achieve the best selling price for your products.

What to expect?

  1. Weekly Dealer Auction with customers looking for your excess wholesale inventory and closeout merchandise
  2. Experienced Staff with over 50 years of experience
  3. Low Competitive Commission Rates

How to Sell my Items

All items to sell must be pre-approved before being brought here. We do reserve the right to refuse items at our discretion! For commission rates, please call the office at 765-869-5516


First, you will need to send via E-mail to Kalena@boswelltradecenter.com some pictures and descriptions of the condition of the items you are wanting to sell so that we can make a decision as to whether or not we believe we can sell the item on our platform.


After given approval to bring your items – you will need to set up a drop-off time and complete an Auction Sales Contract as well as provide a copy of your ID.